About Us

Pysclone Tents formally enter the American market with staff and a distribution facility in Carlsbad, CA since February 2019.

Pysclone Tents, began in Melbourne Australia. It was developed by a diverse group of event enthusiasts and nature lovers who had a passion for the ultimate camping experience. This led to the creation of the ultimate bell/yurt tent made for tough Australian outback conditions.

Psyclone Tents are rugged, tough, sturdy, and built to last. They have been personally tested for over seven years to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. And we’ve made them so that they are easy to set-up and pack up!

Psyclone Tents are perfect for camping, festivals, events, weddings, backyard parties, a day at the beach, or glamping. They are popular with Airbnbs, wineries, or for an unique outdoor adventure.

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