Outdoor Adventure Camping Tents

Shop our range of all-season, reliable bell tents, perfect for hunting, fishing and outdoor adventure campouts.
They come with bug mesh on windows and door, generous wall height and a built-in stove jack hole option.

Standard Fixed Floor

This is our standard option. This style has a fully attached floor, however you still have access to 4 large windows that zip down around the base (with mosquito mesh).

$749 – 13′ Ft (4m) Fixed Floor 
$930 – 16′ Ft (5m) Fixed Floor 

Fixed Floor Stove Jack Hole

This style has a fully attached floor, and comes with custom stove jack hole in canvas. Plus 4 large windows that zip down around the base (with mosquito mesh).

$810 – 13′ Ft (4m) Fixed Floor
$980 – 16′ Ft (5m) Fixed Floor

Removable Floor

This style has a zip-off floor, which is fantastic on those hot summer nights. The zipper runs around the entire floor and gives you the option of rolling up the side walls.

$960 – 13′ Ft (4m) Fixed Floor
$790 – 16′ Ft (5m) Fixed Floor

Fixed Floor Extra Windows

This style comes with our standard Fixed Floor option with extra zip-down windows (8 windows on 13FT Tent and 10 windows on 16FT tent) around the base of the tent for increased airflow.

$830 – 13′ Ft (4m) Fixed Floor
$1005 – 16′ Ft (5m) Fixed Floor

Features that set our Bell Tents apart from the rest!
Durable, Strong and Reliable perfect for all season campouts.  

Take a look inside Psyclone Tents 16’Ft Bell Tent


Customer Reviews

“I’ve been living in the 3 m fixed floor model for 4 months now. Overall, the quality of this tent is excellent. Zippers are heavy duty, and the canvas and floor material is solid. Two things that anyone considering this tent for real camping should know: 1. It will not be waterproof right away. In fact, it will need to be doused thoroughly then dried then doused again several times for the canvas fibers to tighten up. Once this happens it will be waterproof, but dont expect it to keep water out right out of the box… you will be wet and disappointed. 2. This tent can get hot in the sun… very hot, and there’s no way around it. If you are planning on using it in hot and sunny environments, consider the removable floor option, for the best ventilation.”

“Now that I’ve had a chance to get out in the wild with my new tent I can give it an honest review, and I’m here to say, I love it. It’s a quality tent that is well designed. The cloth is heavy and I expect it to last for many years. I pitched the tent on a mountain ridge to escape to summer heat and being able to roll op the sides to enjoy the breeze was really nice. A windstorm that came up in the night barely ruffled it, meanwhile I slept great. It would be nice if the US website had all the accessories the the Australian website has available, but I can order through them if I need to. I’ve been showing it off to friends and I think Psyclone will be getting more business. Thanks Toulouse!”
Roy in Denver