The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Bell Tent with custom Stove Jack Hole!

Psyclone Bell Tent camp out set up featuring custom stove jack hole

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Bell Tent with custom Stove Jack Hole!

Explore our latest blog post and elevate your camping experience! We answer common customer questions about our bell tent with stove jack hole. Stove jack holes in bell tents are crucial for safe and comfortable camping with a wood-burning stove. To make your decision easy we have answered the common customer questions here!

Discover insights on installation, our stove jack hole specifications, and tips to make the most of this essential feature. Your comprehensive guide to a cozy camping experience awaits!

What is a stove jack hole, and why is it important for a canvas tent?

A stove jack hole is a fire-resistant opening in the canvas tent that allows you to safely and efficiently use a wood-burning stove inside. It’s important for heating the tent during cold weather camping while preventing fire hazards.

Can I use any wood-burning stove with your canvas stove jack?

You should ensure that the wood-burning stove you choose is compatible with the size and positioning of the stove jack in the tent. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe use.

What size is the stove jack hole in your canvas tents?

Our 13′ Bell Tent and 16′ Bell Tent size bell tents are available with build in custom stove jack holes.
This is our standard option which comes with custom stove jack hole in canvas. The hole diameter is 4.3 Inches (11cm). This style has a fully attached floor. However you still have access to large windows that zip down around the base (with mosquito mesh).

Not sure which size and style are right for you? View our Bell Tent Guide here to help make your decision easier.

Bell Tent Specs for custom stove jack hole

Illustration of bell tent measurements for custom stove jack hole for our 13′ (4M) Bell Tent

Is there a recommended distance between the stove and the stove jack hole to prevent fire hazards?

It’s essential to maintain a safe distance between the stove and the stove jack to avoid any contact between the hot stovepipe and the canvas. Therefore we typically suggest a minimum of 18 inches is recommended, but refer to your specific stove guidelines.

Do you provide a heat-resistant flap or cover for the stove jack when the stove is not in use?

Yes, our canvas bell tents with stove jacks come with a heat-resistant flap or cover to seal the opening when the stove is not in use, preventing drafts and ensuring safety. 

What is the best position for the stove jack hole in the tent for optimal heating and safety?

We have made this easy for our clients as the stove jack hole is already cut and positioned at an ideal point to ensure proper heat distribution while maintaining a safe distance from the tent walls. 

Are there any safety precautions or maintenance tips, I should be aware of when using a stove with the stove jack?

Always follow safety guidelines provided with your tent and stove. Regularly inspect the stove jack and surrounding area for wear or damage, and ensure proper ventilation for safe operation. 

Will using a stove jack affect the tent’s waterproofing or structural integrity?

Canvas tents with stove jacks are designed to maintain their waterproofing and structural integrity when installed correctly. Ensure the stove jack is well-sealed and doesn’t compromise the tent’s integrity.

Can you recommend a suitable stove for my canvas tent, considering the stove jack hole size?

While we can offer general guidance. It’s best to consult with stove manufacturers or specialists to select a wood-burning stove that matches your tent’s stove jack specifications and your heating needs.



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