Camping in style with Psyclone’s custom-designed solar charging system

Camping in style with Psyclone’s custom-designed solar charging system

Natural, renewable and completely free to use, solar power is an ideal solution for campers wanting to experience the great outdoors, without sacrificing on those little luxuries. Access remote and wild locations while still keeping your devices charged with a little help from the sun. Stay in touch with a fully-powered mobile phone, illuminate your tent at night or keep your drinks cold in a camping fridge.

Solar panels have become lighter, cheaper and more efficient than ever, which makes them the perfect tech addition to your camping setup. Play music through portable speakers around the campfire, power lanterns for a romantic ambiance or keep your laptop charged so you can work remotely from anywhere you choose. Compared to a generator, they’re also much quieter, meaning you can still enjoy the peace and tranquility that your seeking.

Using solar panels on your tent

It’s important when using solar panels on your tent to maximise their ability to gather energy and position them in a way that they can capture as much solar energy as possible. Positioning solar panels at the top of your tent gives them the best opportunity to harness the sun’s rays for the entire length of the day.

It’s also important to keep your solar panels dust free, as this can obstruct sunlight and reduce the panel’s overall performance. Regularly wipe your solar panels with a microfibre cloth, ensuring you avoid any abrasive materials that may scratch or damage the panel.

Selecting a camping solar charger system

There are so many camping solar charger systems on the market that it can be difficult to know what is best for your setup. That’s why Psyclone have created a custom-designed 54W solar panel for use on their bell tents.

They are specifically designed to fit perfectly on top of their 3 metre, 4 metre and 5 metre tents, ensuring you can capture as much energy as possible throughout the day. After you slide in the A-frame on the door of your Psyclone bell tent, simply place the solar panel on the outside of your tent at the top of the peak. Make sure the power pack cables are hanging down the sides of the tent, then insert the central pole inside and slide it up as normal. Your solar panel should fit snuggly at the top of your bell tent at the optimal position for harnessing the sun’s rays.

Psyclone’s customised folding solar charger is designed to be waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry about scrambling out of your tent if the skies open in the middle of the night or racing back to the campsite when you’re out on a day hike. Keep in mind that the solar panel should be removed during strong winds and heavy rain, just as a precaution.

The solar panel system comes with two power packs, each of which are equipped with a micro USB input and two USB outputs, which makes them ideal for charging your camera batteries, lights and mobile phone. They can either be charged using the solar panel while you’re out and about camping or at home using the 5V power adapter.

Never be left in the dark (or out of touch) again when you’re camping with an easy-to-use and install solar charging system. Experience all the enchantment of being in the great outdoors with a few of the creature comforts that are hard to live without.