Five Essential Care Tips for Your Canvas Bell Tent


Five Essential Care Tips for Your Canvas Bell Tent

Follow these essential care tips for your canvas bell tent. Your bell tent is a long term investment. Designed to go with you on many outdoor adventures. To ensure it stands the test of time, it requires proper care and maintenance. So we have made a short list of five crucial care tips for your canvas bell tent.

Five essential tips to help you care for your canvas bell tent.

1. Dry Before Storage

Never store your tent away wet or damp. Our tents resist mold. But, trapping moisture in them during storage can harm their longevity. Hang your tent out to dry soon after use. Use the handy loop provided in Psyclone Tents.

2. Pitch Correctly

Erecting your tent is crucial for its longevity. Follow the assembly guidelines each time. Doing so will avoid straining the canvas, which could cause damage.

3. Allow Ventilation.

Ensure your tent gets enough airflow. This prevents mustiness and mould. Open doors and windows reguarlly. Do this even if the tent is not in use every day. It will keep it smelling fresh and reduce the risk of mold.

4. Keep the tent clean.

This boosts its lifespan. Keep both the inside and outside clean. Use a natural antibacterial solution to wipe down the interior. Avoid sprays that can harm the canvas. Remove dust from the exterior with a soft brush. Wash it with mild soap and dry it in the sun. Reapply waterproof silicone spray annually to maintain interior dryness.

5. Natural Mold Removal:

If mould grows, deal with it quickly and naturally. This will prevent it from damaging your tent. Harsh detergents and bleach can harm the canvas. So, use a diluted mix of white vinegar and water instead. Dry the tent in the sun. Then, increase ventilation. Brush off mould spores gently. Then, apply the vinegar with a soft rag. Once completely dry, pack the tent for storage until your next adventure.

How to make up a solution

One-part white vinegar to ten-parts water and apply it to the canvas with a soft rag. After drying your Psyclone Tent, pack it up for storage. It will be ready for your next festival or camping trip. For more on treating mold on your bell tent, see our blog Mold on Your Bell Tent – How to Prevent It or Get Rid of It.

Follow these care tips. They will keep your canvas bell tent from Psyclone Tents reliable for many years. It will provide shelter and comfort on all your outdoor trips.