How to make your next camping trip eco-friendly

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How to make your next camping trip eco-friendly

Camping is a great way to experience nature and all it has to offer. However, camping can often generate a lot of waste , and many people don’t leave their campsite the way they found it – which after time, can seriously damage Mother Nature. 

We’ve compiled our top tips to make your next camping trip more environmentally friendly  – by leaving your campsite the way you found it, and giving back to nature by reducing your waste and conserving energy use while camping.

Make your own snacks and meals and bring in reusable containers

  • Bringing ready-made snacks and meals on your camping trip means you don’t have to worry about cooking supplies. However, don’t go and buy pre-made meals packed in plastic, make your own meals at home and put them into reusable containers. Not only is it healthier for you, but it means you will have everything you need while still being kind to the environment.
  • Beeswax wraps are a great alternative to glad wrap and will ensure your food stays fresh (plus they don’t take up much room or weigh a lot in your luggage).
  • For fresh, plastic-free shopping – avoid supermarkets and try your local farmers market. They are usually cheaper than your supermarket shop, and don’t forget your reusable shopping bags! Veggies are hearty, filling and last for ages so are great to bring when camping.


Don’t buy plastic water bottles

  • Buying plastic water bottles for your camping trip accounts for a lot of waste. A popular and seemingly easy way to bring water on your trip, plastic water bottles can seriously damage the environment.
  • Bring your water in reusable bottles and bladders to ensure you have enough water for your trip, and you aren’t increasing waste.


Pack out what you bring in

  • Camping in a remote location can often mean there is nowhere to properly dispose of your rubbish. This means you will need to take every bit of rubbish back with you after your trip.
  • Our top tips to ensure you can easily dispose of rubbish and bring it back with you is to use boxes or bags to separate out your rubbish into recycling, compost and landfill. 
  • Of course, your aim is to reduce the amount of rubbish you have – and the amount you have to take home, but if you do think that you will have some rubbish to pack out, then this is an easy way to ensure you can transport it.



Use only natural body products

  • Nasty chemicals in body products can not only harm your body but can harm the environment. A great alternative for your camping trip is an all-in-one castile soap that can wash your hair, body, clothes and dishes. Helps the environment and saves you from bringing many different products!
  • Make sure you avoid products that contain permethrin as it is deadly to the life that exists in water, and if it washes into the water you will be responsible for harming the wildlife.
  • Another thing you can do is bring toothpaste and soap that is bio-degradable. If you accidentally leave some behind while washing, non-biodegradable toothpaste and soap can take a very long time to break down. By using bio-degradable products, they will be easier on the environment.
  • Make sure to not wash yourself or any of your equipment in rivers or lakes. Bring your own water for this so you don’t pollute the natural waterways.


The power of Solar

  • Solar lights and other accessories are great for camping. They will always stay charged (as long as they are exposed to enough solar energy) and it saves you packing a bunch of batteries and power banks – plus they don’t harm the environment.
  • Rechargeable fans are amazing for summer camping trips to keep you cool, and solar lights are essential so you can see your way around in the dark (no more tripping over on your way to the toilet!)
  • Attaching a solar panel to your tent means all of your accessories will stay charged, without you even having to think about it! We sell a specially designed solar panel that is easy to attach over the roof of your bell tent – just pop it on top before you slide up your centre pole.
  • The Solar Panel attracts the sun’s rays and converts its energy into power. Connect to one of the two power adaptors included and charge your devices, mobile phones, camera batteries, lights and any other camping accessory.


Quality tents

  • Buy a quality tent that will last you years of camping trips. Cheap throw-away tents create so much waste, and in the long run will cost you more. 
  • Canvas bell tents are great for the environment, and investing in one will ensure you have a great tent for years to come, while also being kind to the environment.


We hope these tips have helped and have made you think about how you can make your next camping trip eco-friendly! Check out our shop for a range of solar panels and accessories, as well as our famous bell tents.

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