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How to make your next camping trip eco-friendly

Psyclone Tents High Quality Bell Tents in Wilderness Camp ground setup

Camping is a great way to experience nature and all it has to offer. However, camping can often generate a lot of waste , and many people don’t leave their campsite the way they found it – which after time, can seriously damage Mother Nature. 

We’ve compiled our top tips to make your next camping trip more environmentally friendly  – by leaving your campsite the way you found it, and giving back to nature by reducing your waste and conserving energy use while camping.

Make your own snacks and meals and bring in reusable containers


Don’t buy plastic water bottles


Pack out what you bring in



Use only natural body products


The power of Solar


Quality tents


We hope these tips have helped and have made you think about how you can make your next camping trip eco-friendly! Check out our shop for a range of solar panels and accessories, as well as our famous bell tents.

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