How to plan a bohemian backyard party

How to plan a bohemian backyard party

Jess Krause is a photographer, adventurer, creative director and bohemian styling extraordinaire from Queensland, Australia. She runs the Instagram account – and her aesthetic and lifestyle aligns perfectly with Psyclone Tents. We have been lucky enough to get the chance to chat with her about her top tips on planning a bohemian backyard party! Check them out below. 

Why do you love bohemian backyard parties? 

I’m a big fan of the relaxed vibe of a backyard celebration, where friends and family can come together and enjoy each other’s company in the comfort of a home setting. A gypsy-style set up adds a casual elegance to the occasion and creates the perfect atmosphere for campfire tales, al fresco dining and dancing the night away beneath the stars 


What kind of events can bohemian backyard parties be used for? 

Any excuse is a good one! Birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, launch events, slumber parties, movie night, whatever you can dream up really. Everything is a little more magical outdoors.  

What are your essential items for a bohemian backyard party? 

Plenty of rugs and cushions add to the comfort factor and are the starting point for any bohemian style event. Pop up a bell tent and some low tables (palettes are great), and decorate with dried flowers and/or crystals for a dreamy aesthetic. Anything you can use to create levels will complete the look and also give your guests access to seats and tables. These can be blocks of wood, baskets and buckets, low benches etc. I try to stick to neutral colours and natural materials like wood and wicker.  

You’ll also need lighting if your event is an after-dark affair. Candles and lanterns set the mood, or solar fairy lights and stakes. Metal tubs for drinks and ice, and large platters for cheese and fruit. Turn on some speakers for mellow tunes and you’re all set! 👌  

What are your top tips to set up a bohemian backyard party? 

  • Gathering all your bohemian party items can be expensive, so hit up the thrift stores and borrow from friends to complete your collection of cushions, rugs, vases and tables.  
  • Pick a colour palette for your theme and try to stick to three complimentary tones as you style your event.  
  • Check the weather forecast and have a backup plan!  
  • Avoid single-use items and bring out your glassware and cutlery  it will be kinder to the environment and the aesthetic.  
  • Pop some solar lights around your tent pegs to avoid guests tripping.  
  • Encourage guests to connect by putting out some games and activities like Jenga or Croquet!  
  • The bohemian style is carefree and relaxed, so don’t worry too much about things looking perfect. A slightly mismatched aesthetic will suit the vibe. 
  • Enlist the help of friends and family while you set up, and the experience will be a lot of fun. Enjoy! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips from Jess and the amazing photos she has taken of our bell tents. We can’t wait to see our tents popping up at more bohemian style backyard parties 😁If you have your own bohemian backyard party, please share a photo on Instagram and tag us!