Bell Tents

Bell Tents

The best camping tent for the ultimate camping experience.

Psyclone bell tents’ heavy-duty design is luxurious, spacious, waterproof and built to last. Manufactured from high quality cotton canvas with durable zips and ropes. Our all season tents are made with all weather conditions in mind. As a result they will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Furthermore the spacious design, similar to a yurt or teepee (tipi tent) creates a luxurious glamping experience for modern campers.

Our tents have been personally tested for over twelve years to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. In addition they are easy to set-up and pack up! All you need is one central pole, the doorframe and your pegs. Put your tent into position, slot in the central pole and doorframe, hammer your pegs, tighten the ropes and your Psyclone Tent is ready to go! watch videos.

Our bell tents are currently available in three sizes 13 Foot (4M), 16 Foot (5M)and 19 Foot (6M) with double doors have three styles available fixed floor, fixed floor extra windows and removable. Not sure which size will work best for you see our Tent Guide

Our Guarantee
12 month warranty on workmanship! Free shipping within USA! 10 year plus market experience! 5 Star Bell Tent reviews Amazon, and see testimonials.

What is a bell tent?

The bell tent has a central pole to support the canvas, not unlike a teepee (Tipi tent) the entrance is formed by an A-frame pole and pegged to the ground with guy ropes to create stability. The bell tent provides height like a teepee tent and comfortably spacious similar to a yurt, but is super easy to set up and pack down.

Should you invest in a bell tent?

A bell tent has many benefits that you won’t find with other designs. The deep history of the bell tent means the design has been well and truly tested. It is sturdy, reliable, easy to pitch and transport, durable and weatherproof. It will also last you forever – saving the environment and your wallet at the same time making it the best camping tent for outdoor adventures.

Psyclone Tents are perfect for camping, festivals, events, weddings, backyard parties, spacious family camping, a day at the beach, or glamping. They are popular with Airbnbs, wineries, or for an unique outdoor adventure.

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