Here why our customers love adventuring in their Psyclone Tents!

~ Alex Freilich – 5 Star Google Review, USA,Aug 2022, ~

``I've been living in the 4 m fixed floor model for 4 months now. Overall, the quality of this tent is excellent. Zippers are heavy duty, and the canvas and floor material is solid. Two things that anyone considering this tent for real camping should know: 1. It will not be waterproof right away. In fact, it will need to be doused thoroughly then dried then doused again several times for the canvas fibers to tighten up. Once this happens it will be waterproof, but dont expect it to keep water out right out of the box... you will be wet and disappointed. 2. This tent can get hot in the sun... very hot, and there's no way around it. If you are planning on using it in hot and sunny environments, consider the removable floor option, for the best ventilation.``

– Elizabeth Smith – 5 Star Google Review, USA, Dec 2021, Customer service is amazing! –

Customer service is amazing! The product is quality! No regrets. Thank you!

– Taylor Davis – 5 Star Google Review, USA, Jun 2021, Super fast shipping and long lasting tent.–

``Super fast shipping. I picked this tent for us to live in while we're clearing our land and building a small cottage. It's absolutely perfect. Space for me, my husband, two cats, and a pitbull. Easy setup, sturdy materials. It's held up in a few rainstorms with zero leakage. I believe this will be a long lasting tent.``

− Varinia Lacey WA, USA, 2019, Amazing quality and craftsmanship of this tent! −

“I’ve been wanting to purchase a bell tent for a while, so I decided to purchase this one. By far, it has been great! It’s very spacious in the inside, (which I wasn’t sure how much it could fit). It was easy to setup and the instructions are very clear, we probably were able to set it up in 20 minutes. The material are very durable, and of high quality. I like the zippers, they are very strong and slide quite easy. The best part of the inside is that it has windows that can let air bent the inside, so it doesn’t get too hot. The screen at the entrance is a great add on, so you can let the breeze. Absolutely perfect for us, and highly recommend getting one. We used it this easter weekend, for a party and all children quite enjoyed it. Great add on for our camping gear! Looking forward to more adventures!”

~ he Lewis Family ~

“We love it! It’s a true home away from home. I was never a camper until we got this tent, now I love camping! We are a family of 5 and we easily fit in the 5m bell tent with plenty of room to still play games or chill out together in bad weather. Love, love, love it!!!”

− Rainbow Serpent Festival, Australia −

“We have been using the tents from Psyclone every year at our event since 2011, and we buy and hire more and more each year. The team at Psyclone Tents are always a pleasure to work with and happy to cater to our needs. The tents … well, you know the tents … they’re awesome!! See you next year team!!”

~ Yvonne, Launceston Tasmania ~

“I bought a 4m Psyclone Bell Tent after a lot of research on other similar tents from other companies and the Psyclone model had thicker canvas and flooring than any of the other brands I have seen. Living in Tasmania, I didn’t need a tent with a ‘roll up walls’ feature, so chose the sewn in floor model, and very much appreciate the fly-screens on the door and windows, which even keep hungry possums out! The first time I put the tent up I did so by paying close attention to the well written instructions supplied with it, and it took me about 20 minutes to do so. I am now able to easily erect my tent in about 10 minutes, by myself, and I am certainly not a young person, but an older woman! I have used my tent for overnight camping trips, and for longer music and folk festivals, as well as four weeks last summer at a Rainbow Gathering. For another couple of months it was in my garden for visitors to sleep in. Despite all that use, there is no mould, wear or tear damage to it. The points I will criticise are that I have never been clever enough to be able to roll the tent tightly enough to get it back into the carry bag with the poles, so I transport them in their separate bag. Also, the Psyclone Bell Tent is not suitable for shy people who don’t like being the centre of attention, as it draws admiring fellow campers like a magnet, asking to ‘look inside’ and asking lots of questions! Another problem is that my son insists on borrowing it to take to music festivals! I now want to buy the bigger, 5m model to take to next year’s Rainbow Gathering, so I can have a lot more ‘social space’ to share with my friends and my son can have the best tent at The Falls Festival!”

– Travis Sutton – 5 Star Google Review, USA, Nov 2022 ~

``So first off I'm going to talk about the customer service from Psyclone tents I Placed my order and got a tracking number right away gave it a couple days no updates sent a email and within minutes I had a response they are on the ball with everything my tent arrived set it up and have loved it not a single thing that I can complain about.``

– Roy Mealy – 5 Star Google Review, Denver USA, Aug 2021, Quality Tent and Well Designed. –

``Now that I've had a chance to get out in the wild with my new tent I can give it an honest review, and I'm here to say, I love it. It's a quality tent that is well designed. The cloth is heavy and I expect it to last for many years. I pitched the tent on a mountain ridge to escape to summer heat and being able to roll op the sides to enjoy the breeze was really nice. A windstorm that came up in the night barely ruffled it, meanwhile I slept great. It would be nice if the US website had all the accessories the the Australian website has available, but I can order through them if I need to. I've been showing it off to friends and I think Psyclone will be getting more business. Thanks Toulouse! Roy in Denver``

– Rachel – 5 Star Google Review, USA, Nov 2022 ~

`` I've lived in my 4m psyclone tent for four months now (April - August) as I lived nomadically across the U.S. It has held up beautifully through it all - wind, rain, thunderstorms - and it is still going strong. After weathering the tent the first week, during which you can expect the canvas to leak, it has not leaked since. The zippers are super heavy duty and none have broken (a big fear of mine going into this, as I got the tent with the removable floor). Granted I don't pull the zippers by the handles but their bodies, to be safe. The tent takes about 30 minutes to set up once you get the hang of it, enough work to deter potential thieves from stealing it while I go to town. It's not complicated to put up by any means, just time consuming. The worst part is all the stakes, especially in rocky substrates, but even that isn't so bad with a rubber mallet. I've always been able to make it work. One downside to the tent, which has little to do with the actual tent, is that its size makes it difficult to heat up if you intend to put a wood stove inside. I have the Winnerwell Nomad Medium stove and to properly heat the tent requires continuous wood. And without that the tent cools at a rapid pace. I would suggest going with a larger stove for such a large tent. Everything has held up very well. My tent has been set up continuously in ~6 different spots for the past four months with no issues at all. When I do take it down, I find it impossible to fit it back into the provided bag, but it's not a huge problem since the company also provides straps so you can just roll it up and secure it. It is bulky but what can you expect. Overall I'm beyond happy with this purchase and the experiment of living in a canvas bell tent has worked out way better than I expected. I was worried to take a risk and get this relatively unknown brand that was something like ~200-300 dollars cheaper than their competitors, but I took the risk and I'm so glad I did because I am in love with this tent! It feels very little like a tent, and much more like home. The dog approves too!``

– Kathy, Amazon Customer – 5 Star Review, USA Dec, 2019 Quality, Great Customer Service. –

“We love everything about our Psyclone 16 removable floor. It feels like luxury and huge when you enter inside. I have ceiling lights, rugs, couches, a queen bed, a private porta potty area, a small electric fireplace and all the luxuries of home. Even put in the dog bed since our dogs love it!. My grandson calls it his apartment. Don’t hesitate buying this brand. I could go on and on…we purchased the extra cover and the awning…we have had rain daily and haven’t out them up yet. But knowing the construction of the tent…I have no doubt they will be amazingly durable too. Thick walls. Thick floor. Down to the stitching and zippers…its amazing. You could add a grill outside and live in this year round.”

– Esam Amazon 5 Star Review, USA May 2019, Exceeded my expectation! Very high quality tent. –

“This tent fits a double high queen air mattress a good sized table and chairs and all our stuff with plenty of room to walk all around upright and space to spare. Although it’s just for my wife and me, you could easily and comfortably accommodate a family of 5 in it. As someone that has over 50 years camping experience, makes and repairs tents, flies and other camping gear I have a good eye for quality, this tent has a high level of quality and craftsmanship built in. The tent has #10 YKK zippers on the door with metal pulls that operate smoothly and solidly. The polycotton canvas seems more substantial than 100% cotton canvas and I noticed that during the 2 rain storms we’ve had since putting it up, there is very little sag in the fabric when wet as compared to standard canvas, and not a leak or drip anywhere. The windows have 2 zipper pulls so you can open them 3” or 4” from the top for ventilation and not get rain in. All the tie outs are double sewn and tied into reinforced joints. Solid all the way around. Somehow the peak vents stay open even in rain and wind. This tent is much more than I expected and, I think much more and perhaps better than equal sized and type of tents selling for hundreds more. I’m very happy”.

~ Eclipse 2012 Festival, Queensland, Australia ~

“We worked with the team from Psyclone Tents for the Eclipse 2012 Festival in Far North Queensland. This event bought up many challenges, some expected and some not. What we liked about the team was their ability to work with these challenges to achieve and exceed what we wanted. Aside from that the tents themselves withstood all the elements for a long time and we still continue to use them. We have even bought more for the collection since 2012. Thanks guys!``”